April 20th, 2024, remains a historic moment for us, RoLUG members. It’s the day when creativity, passion, teamwork, patience, and continuous dedication were rewarded. With the support from LEGO®, we smashed the world record for building the largest LEGO® brick diorama! This remarkable achievement was officially recognized and certified by Guinness World Records™ at the East European Comic Con event held at Romexpo Bucharest, from April 19 to 21, 2024.

The diorama, inspired by the Star Wars™ universe, covers a total area of ​​45,746 square meters, and was built exclusively from LEGO® pieces, without any other support structure. This remarkable achievement was the result of sustained work and passion from 26 RoLUG members who worked together for 3 years to bring this incredible project to life.

The Vision Behind the Creation

Approximately 3 years ago, in a galaxy not so far away, just about 600 km from Bucharest, in the minds of the residents of Oradea, Botond and Bence Czilli (father and son, both RoLUG members), an idea bloomed: to build a LEGO® diorama, completely different from what had been approached before in the Star Wars™ universe. Being avid fans and therefore, keen connoisseurs of the franchise, the two chose to focus on a less explored animated series, Star Wars™ Rebels.

As the idea began to take shape, other enthusiastic members joined the project, bringing with them a variety of talents and perspectives. Thus, the project became a collective effort, in which LEGO® enthusiasts from the entire community, some of them usually having other thematic preferences, contributed to the creation of the largest LEGO™ diorama in the world.

From Debut to Record

The diorama came to life in front of the public for the first time at the “RoLUG Universe” exhibition held at ParkLake Shopping Center in May 2022, when it measured only 4 square meters. Subsequently, it was presented at the East European Comic Con event held in Bucharest in August 2022, when it measured around 12 square meters. It was re-exhibited in the same form, at the Science and Imagination Caravan event, organized at the National Library in September 2022. In the span of a year, the surface of the diorama more than doubled, reaching approximately 27 square meters and including over 1000 minifigures and over 100 starships. In this form, it was exhibited at the East European Comic Con event in May 2023 and at the Art Safari Kids exhibition in June 2023. We arrive in the current year, when the diorama measures about the size of a generous studio apartment (over 45 square meters) and includes over 1 million LEGO pieces, over 1500 minifigures, and about 200 starships.

If you’re curious about which scenes from the Star Wars™ Rebels series are included in our diorama, we invite you on a tour of the planet Lothal, presented in this clip.

Planning, Coordination, Collaboration

To reach nearly 46 square meters, collaboration between members was the key to success. Even though the geographical distance seemed like an obstacle, it turned out to be more of a creative impulse. The participants live in various cities across the country: Bucharest, Oradea, Cluj, Targu Mures, Arad, Brasov, and Timisoara. Each of them built their part, and these were assembled in Bucharest before the event.

And since we mentioned the cities where the involved members live, here is their complete list:

Creative lead: Bence Czilli

Project coordinator: Botond Czilli

Ambassador: Mirona Constantin

Team members: Adrian Jiman | Alex Tass | Alexandru Ilea | Armin Naghi | Catalin Bordea | Catalin Corpade | Cristian Frunza | Dragos Ivan | Edina Dorotea Babtan | Eduard Stanescu | Eric Jiman | Erik Davidsson | Horatiu Coifan | Marius Bugeac | Mihai Dreve | Nicolae Sohaci | Rares Teodorof | Sorin Ilie | Sorin Olaru | Stefan Bugeac | Tamas Lapsanszki | Tiberiu Popescu Negreanu | Vlad Carbuneanu

Beyond this remarkable achievement and immense pride for us, you know what’s most important in the end? The friendships consolidated along the way through common brainstorming sessions day or night, mutual aid, and the joy of turning a dream into reality. As an officially recognized LEGO® group, we aim to demonstrate that the LEGO brick is not just a toy for children but a way to express creativity and imagination, regardless of age, and through this achievement, we strongly believe that we have taken an important step in our mission.

Without the help of the extended team – Balazs Doczy, who guided us in the right direction; Valery Kasimov, Anna Tuyaerts, Bence Gallai, Fanni Kelen, Anca Lungu, Ana-Maria-Elena Dumitrescu from LEGO®; Marius Motoca and Oana Iancu from Golin, who were with us every step of the way towards the final goal; Professor Caius Didulescu and Sorin Minca, key assistants in certifying the record by Mr. Pravin Patel from Guinness World Records™, and last but not least, the Comic Con organizers led by Mircea Muresan, this achievement would not have been possible. We sincerely thank all those mentioned here, as well as all those involved in this extraordinary performance.

Join the Adventure!

If you’re wondering how you can join our community, we’ll reveal a secret: it all starts with you! Whether you’re an experienced builder or just starting out and eager to learn, there’s a place for you in our community. All that matters is that you want to get involved and share the passion that unites us, for creation and for the LEGO® universe. Send us an email, a message on social media, whatever is most convenient for you, and you’ll take the first step with us on this captivating journey into the LEGO® universe. Dare to dream!