Dear friends, it’s time to put your creativity to work, because we are launching a new competition with LEGO® prizes! A microscale city, this is what we’d like to have in the end.

Here you have some brief coordinates of the competition:

Build a MOC which fits in the contest theme: Microscale City. You can build well known buildings or monuments from all over the world (except those that already are official LEGO sets), or vignettes which show your vision over a city from past, present or future, a whole neighborhood or just a small part, these are only a few examples. The only condition is that you keep the microscale MOC proportion. There is no limit of number of pieces you can use or dimension of the MOC.

You can register your creation into contest between July 25th and August 25th 2016, by filling the form whose link you can find below. On August 28th, we will announce the winners, chosen by the jury’s votes.

You can win one of the following prizes:


  • The contest is open only to active RoLUG forum members, with at least 2 published messages . If you are not a member yet, you will need to sign up for an account here. After that, please write 2 messages in the international section of the forum – one in the Welcome section and one in the LEGO MOCs: personal creations section. You can register multiple works, but they must be individual, not collective works.
  • The creation must be built exclusively with LEGO original pieces and must not have been published anywhere before. The creations must remain anonymous in order to prevent any influence over the jury.
  • After your creation is published, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the id contest creation. In case we consider not all the rules are respected, we reserve ourselves the right not to publish the creation and we will inform you about this. Personal data will not be published, neither the picture of you and the creation.
  • The jury will be composed of RoLUG members who don’t have the right to participate in the contest. In case members of other LUGs will participate, there will also be a member of the jury from that LUG. The jurors will note the creations with grades between 1 and 25, taking into consideration the building techniques, originality and complexity of the creations, as well fitting the theme.
  • All the creations will be published on RoLUG Facebook page, where anybody can like one or more creations. The number of Facebook likes will make the difference in case of equal score, and if this one is equal too, the jury will decide the winning creations.
  • The winner will be able to choose any of the 4 prizes and then the other ones will choose from the 3 remaining sets. A competitor can win only one prize.

Any question you might have about this competition, please ask here.
The contest is now closed!